Marshall & Associates is an organization built on a foundation of teamwork. Our key team members have over 100 years of experience in the construction industry. We are experienced in all forms of project delivery including: competitive bid, negotiated, construction management, and design-build.

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Why Bidding Can Cost More

Recently we were invited to bid a large industrial project along with 5 other bidders. The plans were very complete with detailed specifications on every item. This results in the lowest possible cost for the customer right? WRONG!!!

When all bidders must buy a certain item from a vendor, do we get his competitive price or his list price? List price of course.

For example, we sourced another vendor for the metal siding that was the identical material, coatings and shape. The competitive price for this alternative was a savings of $300,000! The metal siding was one of many items “single sourced” and “list price”.

Many of our customers use our unique “Open Book” process to gather competitive bids on all labor and on all materials. See how we can reduce your material costs on your next project.

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